My Royal Court

16 April 2014

The Unwanted Guest

I love the idea of an unwanted guest.
And sometimes those impromptu visits are the best.
We chat and laugh and cry and drink.
And we realize that we share the link
Of true and lasting friendship that has been blessed.

No need for fancy words or to be over-dressed.
No need to feel under any duress.
These talks are just like having a free shrink.
I love the idea…

When our time together ends, we like to protest.
Wanting to make sure all of our issues have been addressed
And, of course, that we’ve found that common link
To always and forever keep our friendship in sync.
Having that unwanted guest...
I love the idea.


  1. Simply regal and my, how I can relate to this writing - profound!

  2. JJ - thanks!
    Rose - how sweet of you to say!


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