My Royal Court

11 July 2011


Having spent too many hours yesterday in the intense yellow-orange sunshine, this has left my fair Irish (half) complexion a bit on the crimson side.  While marveling at the billowy white clouds and enjoying this most perfect day, whimsy ensued causing me to wish for a new blog background.  So, I changed it.  The other was beginning to seem rather drab to me, especially on these scenic summer days.  I'm still tinkering with it; however, so far I am keen on this change.  It befits me.
In case you’re curious (and you should be), the word whimsy dates to the 1600s.  As a noun, it means a fanciful  concept, especially in writing.  Not such a common word by today's standards, but you can find it in The Scarlet Letter.  Hmm.  I see a recurring theme with colors today!

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