My Royal Court

24 April 2012


Your laughter haunts me.
Memories are all I have.
Vapor-like shadows.

17 April 2012

Today is the Day

An empty wallet.
Oh, where has your money gone?
To the I R S.

10 April 2012


Always on Tuesdays
I write and post a haiku.
Hoping all enjoy.

03 April 2012

In Mourning

The TU community is in mourning as two of our tigers died suddenly this past weekend, so the Tuesday Haiku is for them in memorium.

Two young men taken.
Celebrate the gifts they left.
Never forget them.

01 April 2012

A Day for Fools

It is the day
For jokes we play.
Be careful what you believe.
How easily one can deceive.
Friends and foes will have hearty laughs
Each time you lapse into certain gaffes.
Your eyes will widen; your face will turn red
As you stand there believing everything that was said.
Your friends should use caution, though, with their kitsch.
As the saying goes, karma is a bitch.
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