My Royal Court

28 February 2012


The title of the Tuesday Haiku is a reflection of how I feel when I see, smell, and taste chocolate.  Enjoy this one.

Silky; melts slowly.
Sweet, yet sinful, decadent.
It's hard to resist. 

26 February 2012

Served with a side of...

Saturday was a rather blustery day in Baltimore, but that did not stop this Queen from doing one of the many things that I devote myself to  – shopping!  While I was out and about, I happened upon a billboard with an advertisement for a relatively local product.  By Baltimore standards, this particular potato chip brand is well known and well liked.  It is difficult to say no to a handful, and I am hard-pressed to find a taste that compares to the first chip from a newly opened bag.  However, after reading the tagline for this ad, I have to say I may never look at a chip with the same voraciousness again.
The billboard was rather devoid of bright color.  Instead, the background was a dark blue, and the animated girl that is the  ‘spokesperson’ for this brand was prominently displaced. 
The tagline read like this:  Have an old friend for lunch.

And the award goes to...

Well, it seems that my creative ways have brought me fame.  My fellow blogger, Mimi, has bestowed this award upon my blog, and I'm quite elated about this.  Thank you, MMM!  Now I have to list 10 random things about myself and pass this award to six of favorite bloggers.  So...

1.  Every year on my birthday I turn 29.
2.  My hair color is not from a box, and there is no gray in sight.  (That's a lie.)
3.  I am Queen and always get what I want.
4.  Within three days of meeting 84 students every semester, I know all of their names and who they are.
5.  My favorite color is blue.
6.  I love to read.
7.  Nothing gets in the way of me and coffee.
8.  I'm learning to knit.
9.  Black and white films are my favorites, especially from the 1940s.
10.  I can't say no to chocolate. 

Carsedra knows how to rock her heels

Peggy tells it like it is

Gia is hoping to run for President someday

Jaya is awesome

Cats and coffee

A radiostar embracing her 40s and proud of it...maybe

21 February 2012

The Unspoken

No utterances.
Nothing is more powerful.
Your glances sting so.

16 February 2012

The Fault Line

Here are the unfortunate four faults I found within, interestingly, the last four hours.

Spotted on a large piece of plywood near a restaurant remodeling project:  Constuction entrance.  (spellcheck!)

Located on the marquee outside of a firehouse:  Have your child's birthday here!  (I assume this means there is a  fully equipped hospital on location?)

Found on an Internet news site:  The daybooks were a place for students to collect unsensored thoughts, which could then . . . essays.  (see comment on #1 above!)

Viewed on the same Internet news site (different article):  Prosecutors contend . . . to get his wife away from other divers to kill them . . . battery was in upside down.  (I had to read most of this article in order to realize the accused was not trying to do away with the divers).

Editor needed STAT!

14 February 2012

In the Gloaming

Well, it so happens that this Tuesday (my haiku day), has fallen on the day for lovers.  So as to not disappoint my royal court, I've written this one. 

Candy, hugs, kisses.
Cupid's arrow does not miss.
Love encircles all.

10 February 2012

Stop the Madness

In the blog world, there is a phenomenon known as frackin' Friday.  We bloggers are able to rant about what we wish.  So here's mine.

The phrase when and if is used quite frequently in our everyday world.  Yet it is incorrect to put them together with 'and.'  Why, you ask?  When can be various parts of speech, but either way the word denotes a time frame.  Something will happen eventually.   If can be a conjunction or a noun, but the word requires a condition for something to happen, and that something may never happen.

So one can see that created as a compound phrase, these words cannot co-exist.  That is not to say that it cannot be written in some fashion, but better sentence construction is in order.

07 February 2012

From Pigskin to Cowhide

Pizza, ads, music.
Another Superbowl down.
Now onto baseball.
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