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26 February 2012

Served with a side of...

Saturday was a rather blustery day in Baltimore, but that did not stop this Queen from doing one of the many things that I devote myself to  – shopping!  While I was out and about, I happened upon a billboard with an advertisement for a relatively local product.  By Baltimore standards, this particular potato chip brand is well known and well liked.  It is difficult to say no to a handful, and I am hard-pressed to find a taste that compares to the first chip from a newly opened bag.  However, after reading the tagline for this ad, I have to say I may never look at a chip with the same voraciousness again.
The billboard was rather devoid of bright color.  Instead, the background was a dark blue, and the animated girl that is the  ‘spokesperson’ for this brand was prominently displaced. 
The tagline read like this:  Have an old friend for lunch.


  1. Your Majesty,

    Oh, dear.

    Your loyal servant,

    Janie deJunebug

  2. Yeah makes you wonder who comes up with these

  3. Well at least it made you think though it might have been worse if they had a picture of Hannibal Hector on the billboard instead ;o)

  4. Hmmmm that sounds interesting.

    It's like the Drano commercial I saw the other day for their snake thingy. These two strong, big men come to the ladies house and they are seen standing next to her looking all sexy as she pushes the snake thing down the drain and the narrator says something at the moment when she does and I was like uhmmmmmmm. I don't know maybe it was just me, but that whole commercial seemed a little suggestive. LOL

    I wish I could find this commercial to show you, that is if you haven't already seen it!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. Makes you wonder what the chips are made of.. Do they taste like chicken?? :D


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