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16 February 2012

The Fault Line

Here are the unfortunate four faults I found within, interestingly, the last four hours.

Spotted on a large piece of plywood near a restaurant remodeling project:  Constuction entrance.  (spellcheck!)

Located on the marquee outside of a firehouse:  Have your child's birthday here!  (I assume this means there is a  fully equipped hospital on location?)

Found on an Internet news site:  The daybooks were a place for students to collect unsensored thoughts, which could then . . . essays.  (see comment on #1 above!)

Viewed on the same Internet news site (different article):  Prosecutors contend . . . to get his wife away from other divers to kill them . . . battery was in upside down.  (I had to read most of this article in order to realize the accused was not trying to do away with the divers).

Editor needed STAT!


  1. Your Majesty, It is painful to watch the news if the channel has a crawl across the bottom of the screen (as if it's not painful otherwise). I see so many errors in those crawls -- misspelled names, misspelled words, grammatical errors . . . and nobody knows the difference between who and whom. Please, Your Majesty, make it all better.

    Your faithful follower,


  2. I have a brain that will just skim right over most miss spelled words, so I am never the one to point out when the "Caution Shcool Zone" is miss spelled on the road. You guys have all the fun!

  3. How difficult is it to spellcheck??!!

  4. I am such a stickler for spell check too:)I think I annoy my friends sometimes. Are you a Nazi about grammar as well? I am.

    Nice to meet you- hopped over from the Never Growing Old blog hop.

  5. TW - Welcome to the palace. Hope you stop in again for a visit! Yes, I am a stickler for grammar.

    SL - I ask myself this question on numerous occasions.

    Atley - Fun? Yes. Frustrating? Absolutely.

    JJ - I am diligently trying, but my worker bees are not working hard enough, now are they?

  6. Your post gave me quite a laugh. Some people do write the wrong things sometimes, including my self, but then again I blame it on my Irish background :)for me.

  7. People say and do some funny things. The other day, when I was complaining of not wanting to go for a walk in the cold, my husband said, "put your earmuffins on." Noticed your word verification -- it's the new one with two words, my first encounter. I will probably not leave comments on blogs that carry these. There's a huge uprising in blogger world about this. I removed my word verification about a year ago and I haven't had a single problem or has any of my other blogger friends who removed theirs. I enjoy your blog a lot and love to comment, but what Google has come up with here is beyond senseless.......

  8. oh not read me!
    Or just edit me. :-)


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