My Royal Court

21 February 2012

The Unspoken

No utterances.
Nothing is more powerful.
Your glances sting so.


  1. Good haiku is good,
    In fact it inspired me,
    To comment in kind.

  2. Brava!

    Your faithful serf, not smurf,


  3. That was a very powerful Haiku and oh so true about the power of silence.

  4. No utterances.. The deafening silence..
    Love your blog and I have an award for you waiting on mine. :) C'mon over and claim it! - Much deserved.

  5. Cranface - nice comeback.

    JJ - as always, thank you.

    CB - Much thanks.

    Jaya J - Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    MMM - I'm elated by this award you've bestowed! Will hop over in a bit.

  6. QB - I've disabled my right click so you should be able to pick up your award now. Just copy and paste it into your blog.

    The HTML link you'll want to put in to link back to me is this:

    <a href=">Magical Mystical Mimi</a>

    Hope this helps! Still luvin' your blog! :D


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