My Royal Court

31 May 2012

Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know

I stumbled upon these 30 reasons today and thought I would share.  Some are a bit on the fluff side.  What sealed it for me?  Numbers 1, 4, and 18. 

Do we females rock? 

29 May 2012

Getting older; maybe wiser

It feels like Monday.
Why does time confuse me so?
A senior moment?

22 May 2012


The end is now here.
I say goodbye to the old;
Hello to the new.

15 May 2012

Goose egg

Still nothing ready.
What is this Queen Bee to do?
Wings will not flutter.

08 May 2012

Not no way, not no how

No haiku today.
Too many papers to grade.
Perhaps next Tuesday.

01 May 2012

Bad Blogger Buddy

The Tuesday Haiku is written to ask for forgiveness.  I've been lax of late in visiting my loyal followers and their blogs.  It's that time in the semester!

This Queen Bee buzzes.
So busy; does this sting much?
Wings will flutter soon.
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