My Royal Court

29 May 2012

Getting older; maybe wiser

It feels like Monday.
Why does time confuse me so?
A senior moment?


  1. I must have been a senior very early. I've had that problem on holiday Tuesdays for years and years. Or, perhaps I am very, very old?? ;)

  2. Absolutely not!
    I refuse to believe that is what I am having today.
    More like punishment for all the fun.

  3. I have been confused for many years, even inventing thoughts I now hold dear. Wake me, please, when this year is over. Perhaps I'll adopt a dog named Rover or find myself with a lover. Oh! Yes! The lover is the dog named Rover. I find I make no sense, so soon it's off to bed so I can sleep like the dead.


  4. Whatever day it is, it's this day. Today.

    Within 24 hours it will be replaced by tomorrow, and become yesterday.

    Blessings and Bear hugs in the transition.

  5. Ha - I know senior moments only too well. Cheers for following. I look forward to reading more of your blog...Be well.


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