My Royal Court

23 September 2011

Bumper Art

Since I am so well traveled on the beautiful Baltimore beltway, and I spend most of that travel time in unrelenting traffic, I find myself perusing the back ends of vehicles for bumper art.  Some stickers I find are awesome; others not so much.  This one in particular deserves special props.
                Well-behaved women seldom make history.
I am inclined to agree. 
What-say we make a case for changing the word HIStory to HERstory.  Female empowerment rocks!

13 September 2011


These two I heard on radio ads.  Those of you thinking of advertising as a future career, do me a favor please and don't make these mistakes.  Careful attention to detail could have prevented this.

A weight loss company posed this question as its opening line:  Are you a man or a woman who needs to lose 20 pounds or more?  Who else does this company think is listening to the radio?  Bears?  Tigers?  Space Aliens?

An ad for a local hospital ran this one, again as an opening line:  Pregnant moms expecting a bundle of joy...  Repetition in an ad does not a good ad make (neither does this comment I added, so you should get my point!)

03 September 2011

Change is a'coming

"When it's time to change, you have to rearrange."  I believe that is from a song way back in the day.  The 2011 spring and summer seasons are a few days shy of ending, so my blog must keep up.  Thus, a new color scheme is in order.  For the autumn season, orange is an exceptional choice.
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