My Royal Court

09 December 2012

Shades of Green

Seeing what you have,
who you are and what you do.
Envy does prevail.

19 November 2012

A great big thanks, a smooch, and a hug

I found out today that I posted 7th out of 36 blogs in the Best Personal Blog category for the Mobbie.   I didn't win.  But I sure do think placing in the top 10 is pretty special.  Thanks so much to all of my many followers (and even those they recruited) for voting.  It thrills me to know that what I do is so very much appreciated.

12 November 2012

Blockers and Swatters

This haiku is dedicated to my English 312 gang.  Thanks for a great class today.

Not now or later.
Obstacles beset your moves.
The smackdown awaits.

31 October 2012

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

I'm so excited to share that I've been nominated for a Best Personal Blog in Maryland award (aka Mobbie).  See the link to the right?  Please click on it and vote for me once a day every day through November 9.  Oh, and do pimp me to your friends.  I need their votes, too.  I want to win!!!

Thanks so much to all of my loyal followers for supporting me.

17 October 2012

Infinite Delight

Never will I stop
Loving and wanting you so.
We are forever. 

12 October 2012

Well Wishes

For your special day.
Hope all is well with you, friend.
It has been too long.

15 September 2012

Ode to the Gryllidae

You are a most ugly creature.
There is no quality about you that is redeeming.
A lesson you will soon learn from this teacher.
After which, instead of chirping you might be screaming.

Your back is shiny; your antennae are pointy,
With legs that look like inverted Vs.
You think you're so smart and perhaps home-free
As you forage your way through grass and trees.

What you fail to realize and presume
Is that I'm coming after you.
Be it with my shoe, electric zapper, or a broom--
Oh, yes!  This will be quite the coup.

Do your compound eyes help you see
The broom as its lifted high above?
With squeals by your killer of 'whoopee,'
It sails through the air like the flight of a dove.

Cricket season is high, but your death came with a thump.
I no longer hear your incessant chirping peep.
Finally, you will no longer be able to jump,
And I will be able to get my beauty sleep. 

10 September 2012

A Glass Always Full

Think positively.
An eternal optimist
Will have happiness.

28 August 2012

Seeing Red

It is wonderful to see how research dollars are being spent and how much progress has been made for women.  The article Bears not attracted to menstruating women readily explains this.  I am particularly fond of the next to the last paragraph as those statistics are quite riveting. 

What is it that makes much of society believe women are sub-human when that 'time of the month' (euphemistically speaking, of course) arrives?  I'm conjecturing here that this much needed research and information was supported by tampon makers, so the story will bode quite well for their future advertising dollars.  They will now be able to show us that along with dancing, bike riding, and swimming, we can cavort in forests with bears. 

This has most certainly set us back a few. 

23 August 2012

And So It Begins...

The end of summer.
A new semester is here.  
New people to meet.

10 August 2012

Eighty Four

Minutes it has been.
Why does sleep elude often?
Tranquil?  I think not.

31 July 2012

Are you there Midol? It is I, a ... female

Hey! Makers of Midol.  Listen to my incessant buzz.

Why must the oval-shaped ocean-blue pill be housed in a square piece of foil and paper that takes more than one millisecond to open?  Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix? 

Why must you create the tiniest of triangles to peel back not once, not twice, not even thrice, to get at what we search for?  Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix?

Why must we then be forced to dig a tiny corner of fingernail into a silver covering?  No fingernail at the ready?  Then what?  A sharp instrument?   Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix?

Take heed.  Bring back the bottle since with a simple cap twist and bottle shake, many a woman will be elated.

29 July 2012


Prickly thorns puncture.
Pinching, stabbing, digging skin.
Crimson liquid flows.

09 July 2012


Almost never does
It happen that I have no
Words penned, but alas.

19 June 2012


From deep, dark shadows
Vapor-like memories come
And then dissipate.

12 June 2012


This Queen Bee knows all.
An expert in all subjects.
Never show her up.

05 June 2012


I almost forgot
That today it is Tuesday.
A quickie for you. 

31 May 2012

Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know

I stumbled upon these 30 reasons today and thought I would share.  Some are a bit on the fluff side.  What sealed it for me?  Numbers 1, 4, and 18. 

Do we females rock? 

29 May 2012

Getting older; maybe wiser

It feels like Monday.
Why does time confuse me so?
A senior moment?

22 May 2012


The end is now here.
I say goodbye to the old;
Hello to the new.

15 May 2012

Goose egg

Still nothing ready.
What is this Queen Bee to do?
Wings will not flutter.

08 May 2012

Not no way, not no how

No haiku today.
Too many papers to grade.
Perhaps next Tuesday.

01 May 2012

Bad Blogger Buddy

The Tuesday Haiku is written to ask for forgiveness.  I've been lax of late in visiting my loyal followers and their blogs.  It's that time in the semester!

This Queen Bee buzzes.
So busy; does this sting much?
Wings will flutter soon.

24 April 2012


Your laughter haunts me.
Memories are all I have.
Vapor-like shadows.

17 April 2012

Today is the Day

An empty wallet.
Oh, where has your money gone?
To the I R S.

10 April 2012


Always on Tuesdays
I write and post a haiku.
Hoping all enjoy.

03 April 2012

In Mourning

The TU community is in mourning as two of our tigers died suddenly this past weekend, so the Tuesday Haiku is for them in memorium.

Two young men taken.
Celebrate the gifts they left.
Never forget them.

01 April 2012

A Day for Fools

It is the day
For jokes we play.
Be careful what you believe.
How easily one can deceive.
Friends and foes will have hearty laughs
Each time you lapse into certain gaffes.
Your eyes will widen; your face will turn red
As you stand there believing everything that was said.
Your friends should use caution, though, with their kitsch.
As the saying goes, karma is a bitch.

28 March 2012

Happy Blogoversary to Me!!

It's official.  My blog is 1 year old today.  A large thanks to all of you who have supported me in this endeavor and for being such loyal and wonderful followers.  

That said, I'll leave you with these three lovelies.

Found this slogan on a truck just this morning:  Delivering the green in bathroom hygiene.  I have not a clue what this means.  

Saw this in a convenience store window:  Buy your winning lottery tickets here.  This, of course, means the store already knows the tickets will be winners.  Cheating or psychic?  You decide.

See and hear this phrase quite often.  Fill in the blank with almost any word you'd like:  There are plenty of ______ out there.  Where exactly is out there? 

27 March 2012


There are many ways to say hello, and the Tuesday Haiku offers them to you. 

A smile, a wink.
A nod, a hug, a handshake.
A soft touch, a kiss.

Also, I have to send a special thank you to my fellow blogger The Butterfly Chaser as she has flattered with me so with her compliments! Please do visit her.

22 March 2012

That Feared Word

Tax season is upon Americans again, which makes the IRS happier than a 5-year-old on Christmas morning.  Those of us on the other side of this institution instantly experience trepidation when we hear the word audit.  However, the IRS sees the word in this way.


20 March 2012

The Delights of Spring

Spring has officially arrived I suppose.  At least this is what the calendar dictates.  Winter was a bummer here in Baltimore with sparse snowfall and some rather warm days.  My long blue scarf spent little time around my neck, and the battle of the thermostat that plays out each season was not hard-fought.  

The birds sing loudly.
Open windows; cool breezes.
No sweater needed.

13 March 2012

In the Doldrums

Missing your smile.
Thinking of you frequently.
Loving you always.

06 March 2012


The Tuesday Haiku was a challenge for me simply because I found it difficult to condense my words into the 5-7-5 format.  I may have to explore this one on a non-haiku day.

You surmise knowing.
About me you know little.
Judge me not I wish.

05 March 2012


March is National Women's History Month.  Take some time out of your busy days to marvel at the Awesomeness of Women.  We are an amazing gender. 

01 March 2012


What an absolutely splendid day it is in Baltimore.  This teaser makes me long for...

The Boys of Summer at Camden Yards.
Chocolate-flavored snowballs with sticky marshmallow.
Tall trees bursting with foliage.
Daffodil bunches on manicured lawns.
The sweet smell of honeysuckle bushes in bloom.


28 February 2012


The title of the Tuesday Haiku is a reflection of how I feel when I see, smell, and taste chocolate.  Enjoy this one.

Silky; melts slowly.
Sweet, yet sinful, decadent.
It's hard to resist. 

26 February 2012

Served with a side of...

Saturday was a rather blustery day in Baltimore, but that did not stop this Queen from doing one of the many things that I devote myself to  – shopping!  While I was out and about, I happened upon a billboard with an advertisement for a relatively local product.  By Baltimore standards, this particular potato chip brand is well known and well liked.  It is difficult to say no to a handful, and I am hard-pressed to find a taste that compares to the first chip from a newly opened bag.  However, after reading the tagline for this ad, I have to say I may never look at a chip with the same voraciousness again.
The billboard was rather devoid of bright color.  Instead, the background was a dark blue, and the animated girl that is the  ‘spokesperson’ for this brand was prominently displaced. 
The tagline read like this:  Have an old friend for lunch.

And the award goes to...

Well, it seems that my creative ways have brought me fame.  My fellow blogger, Mimi, has bestowed this award upon my blog, and I'm quite elated about this.  Thank you, MMM!  Now I have to list 10 random things about myself and pass this award to six of favorite bloggers.  So...

1.  Every year on my birthday I turn 29.
2.  My hair color is not from a box, and there is no gray in sight.  (That's a lie.)
3.  I am Queen and always get what I want.
4.  Within three days of meeting 84 students every semester, I know all of their names and who they are.
5.  My favorite color is blue.
6.  I love to read.
7.  Nothing gets in the way of me and coffee.
8.  I'm learning to knit.
9.  Black and white films are my favorites, especially from the 1940s.
10.  I can't say no to chocolate. 

Carsedra knows how to rock her heels

Peggy tells it like it is

Gia is hoping to run for President someday

Jaya is awesome

Cats and coffee

A radiostar embracing her 40s and proud of it...maybe

21 February 2012

The Unspoken

No utterances.
Nothing is more powerful.
Your glances sting so.

16 February 2012

The Fault Line

Here are the unfortunate four faults I found within, interestingly, the last four hours.

Spotted on a large piece of plywood near a restaurant remodeling project:  Constuction entrance.  (spellcheck!)

Located on the marquee outside of a firehouse:  Have your child's birthday here!  (I assume this means there is a  fully equipped hospital on location?)

Found on an Internet news site:  The daybooks were a place for students to collect unsensored thoughts, which could then . . . essays.  (see comment on #1 above!)

Viewed on the same Internet news site (different article):  Prosecutors contend . . . to get his wife away from other divers to kill them . . . battery was in upside down.  (I had to read most of this article in order to realize the accused was not trying to do away with the divers).

Editor needed STAT!

14 February 2012

In the Gloaming

Well, it so happens that this Tuesday (my haiku day), has fallen on the day for lovers.  So as to not disappoint my royal court, I've written this one. 

Candy, hugs, kisses.
Cupid's arrow does not miss.
Love encircles all.

10 February 2012

Stop the Madness

In the blog world, there is a phenomenon known as frackin' Friday.  We bloggers are able to rant about what we wish.  So here's mine.

The phrase when and if is used quite frequently in our everyday world.  Yet it is incorrect to put them together with 'and.'  Why, you ask?  When can be various parts of speech, but either way the word denotes a time frame.  Something will happen eventually.   If can be a conjunction or a noun, but the word requires a condition for something to happen, and that something may never happen.

So one can see that created as a compound phrase, these words cannot co-exist.  That is not to say that it cannot be written in some fashion, but better sentence construction is in order.

07 February 2012

From Pigskin to Cowhide

Pizza, ads, music.
Another Superbowl down.
Now onto baseball.

31 January 2012


The Tuesday Haiku is dedictated to my new set of students for this spring semester.  Enjoy!

A sea of bookbags.
Anxious faces await me.
Their stories are shared.

26 January 2012

Class Distinction

Yet again, HIStory classifies the four years one spends in high school and college.  Let's take a look for a moment, shall we?

Freshman - By far, the worst offender of the distinctions.  Broken down into its base component these words are fresh and man.  Fresh is okay as this means new.  Entering one's first year of schooling is a new event.  But, man?  What happened to the female population in school?  It does exist.  In fact, at TU, women outnumber men on campus.  I refuse to refer to my students by this word.  To me, they are known as my 'freshies.'

Sophomore - Greek etymology of the word denotes an oxymoron as it means wise and foolish.  So, which is it?  Is a second-year student prudent or imprudent?  I would like to think that having accomplished that first year would make one wiser than the year before. 

Junior - A substandard attribute at best.  As a junior, one is never considered first rate.  Too, tacking the word on the back end of a proud papa's son's name allegedly denotes the degree to which a man is a man's man -- one that would make his father swell with pride.  In actuality, junior is rather inferior, so can a son truly measure up?

Senior - the all-being, most important, high-ranking word.  Allegedly, being a senior male is the epitome of  superiority. This shows the world that this man was first born and now his offspring will bear his name.  What does this word have to do with a college-year ranking?  Ever wonder why senior and senility are so closely related?  Note the first four letters; they are identical.

I say we make a case to eradicate these purported distinctions.  One could simply be in his or her first year, second year, and so forth with the anticipated awareness that this may need some re-thinking if one finds himself or herself on the 10-year plan. 

24 January 2012

What's a Queen to Do?

So many choices.
Flats, boots, and pickle-stabbers.
Enticing me so.

*sigh*  I crave a larger closet.

21 January 2012

Punitive Measures

A local elementary school here in Baltimore held a pep rally yesterday.  This was, of course, in support of our hometown Ravens traveling to New England for the upcoming championship game on Sunday.

An email was sent to parents stating that if children did not wear either purple clothing or Ravens 'gear,' they could not participate in the rally and would be shuttled to the library. 

I found this interesting since the library certainly should never be considered a form of punishment.  Not only that, Baltimore's slogan years ago was "The City That Reads."

17 January 2012


The Tuesday Hiaku is written for and dedicated to that gifted and gentle man.

A dream not fulfilled.
There is still much to be done.
Will things ever change?

10 January 2012

Je pense young; donc, je suis.

To be young always.
No wrinkles, no grays, no aches.
Energy abounds.

09 January 2012

A Bitter Pill Indeed...

I stumbled upon a captivating article this morning.  A sizable pharmaceutical company is recalling several of its medications.  Those listed were Excedrin, NoDoz, and Gas-X. 

If you find yourself requiring these meds but can not take them, I deduce this means your head may possibly burst from pain.  Perhaps you will not realize this pain or the fact that you are breaking wind since you will be asleep from a lack of caffeine.  Just make sure that you are alone, or at least that no one is down wind, when this occurs. 

03 January 2012

Ringing It In (Tuesday Haiku)

Dancing and drinking.
Celebratory kisses.
Happy twenty twelve!
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