My Royal Court

20 March 2012

The Delights of Spring

Spring has officially arrived I suppose.  At least this is what the calendar dictates.  Winter was a bummer here in Baltimore with sparse snowfall and some rather warm days.  My long blue scarf spent little time around my neck, and the battle of the thermostat that plays out each season was not hard-fought.  

The birds sing loudly.
Open windows; cool breezes.
No sweater needed.


  1. It's odd to me.
    To be this warm in March.
    I fear August.:-)
    But it's better than snow I guess.
    I love not wearing a parka to walk the dog.

  2. Your Majesty,

    Much enjoyed.

    Your loyal servant,
    Janie Junebug

  3. We just had a crazy snow fall this last weekend and now we are right back in the high 60's not holding my breath here, but love the sound of the frogs in the creek now nightly. love the blog welcome new followers "."


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