My Royal Court

07 March 2013

The Winter That Wasn't

Oh where, oh where can we get a snow view?
This winter in Baltimore has been a bust.
With meteorologists and their forecasts untrue,
Who can we possibly trust?

Do they not see what they do to us
Each time they hypothesize a storm?
The mention of snow and ice makes all of us cuss
As we sprint to the supermarket -- true to form.

Bread, milk, and toilet paper are on our long lists.
But as we sadly find that items are gone from the shelves,
It's certain we might plan a near caper,
Or wish for replenishment from Santa's elves.

We buy things we don't need,
And we don't buy things we do need.
All because they so shamelessly mislead.
Have they been to the store and seen the stampede?

Here's a plea for them to get it right.
It's not fair that they get it wrong though still get paid.
Stop giving the citizens of Baltimore such a fright.
One day we will wise up and not be so easily swayed.

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