My Royal Court

07 March 2013

The Winter That Wasn't

Oh where, oh where can we get a snow view?
This winter in Baltimore has been a bust.
With meteorologists and their forecasts untrue,
Who can we possibly trust?

Do they not see what they do to us
Each time they hypothesize a storm?
The mention of snow and ice makes all of us cuss
As we sprint to the supermarket -- true to form.

Bread, milk, and toilet paper are on our long lists.
But as we sadly find that items are gone from the shelves,
It's certain we might plan a near caper,
Or wish for replenishment from Santa's elves.

We buy things we don't need,
And we don't buy things we do need.
All because they so shamelessly mislead.
Have they been to the store and seen the stampede?

Here's a plea for them to get it right.
It's not fair that they get it wrong though still get paid.
Stop giving the citizens of Baltimore such a fright.
One day we will wise up and not be so easily swayed.


  1. Oh Queen Bee I'll trade you - out here in No.Va just west of DC we got about 8 inches. 8 more than I like. I am looking for cherry blossoms my friend. :-)

  2. I missed you. I'm surprised Baltimore hasn't had plenty of good storms. You usually get your share, and then some.


  3. Sounds just like this winter here in the Greater Cincinnati area!

  4. Very clever prose Queen! Good to see you pop up on my Readers List!

  5. Peggy - that and opening day. whoohoo!

    Janie - predictions have been misleading. miss you, too!

    Mamma - just peachy, isn't it?

    Rose - thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. Hi, Queen Cleo! It's Michael Southard, former student. I tried commenting here and on another of your posts a couple days ago. They never came through, and I did not see a message saying they were awaiting moderation. I hope I am not intruding?

    Anyway, I apologize for needing to drop your class. I'm trying to get things under control before I go back to school. I love your poem (brainwashed consumers all! :D ), I respect your work, and I learned a lot in your class (even though I was unable to finish). I hope I can stop in more often, during my more lucid moments (like now).


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