My Royal Court

19 November 2012

A great big thanks, a smooch, and a hug

I found out today that I posted 7th out of 36 blogs in the Best Personal Blog category for the Mobbie.   I didn't win.  But I sure do think placing in the top 10 is pretty special.  Thanks so much to all of my many followers (and even those they recruited) for voting.  It thrills me to know that what I do is so very much appreciated.


  1. Ya coulda been a contendah -- and you were. Congratulations, Your Majesty.

    Your faithful slob,

    Janie L. Junebug

  2. Yeah! Congrats! Way to go! Awesome! Wonderful! Fabulous! Wahoo!
    Oh I think you got the message.......

  3. Top 10 awesome! Congratulations!

  4. Janie - Thanks you so much, especially for being my 'faithful slob.'

    Mamma - Yes, I got it! Thanks!!!

    Jo - Thanks!

  5. Well done; in the top ten is excellent!


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