My Royal Court

24 January 2012

What's a Queen to Do?

So many choices.
Flats, boots, and pickle-stabbers.
Enticing me so.

*sigh*  I crave a larger closet.


  1. As do we all. That's the great conundrum: you buy a place with more room, you fill it up, you buy a bigger place, you fill it up, and so on and so on...

    I'll never have enough room for my movie collection.

  2. I need more shoes. Definitely.

  3. Oh this made me laugh but only because I read it incorrectly at first.
    I read the last line as *sigh* I crave a larger CHEST.

    I thought, She said what?
    I'm sorry but I put my glasses on and reread this and laughed my ass off this morning. Thank you for the giggles. Otherwise this is an excellent haiku and oh so true of all we women.

  4. You are so talented- enjoyed reading this post!

  5. i keep buying more shoes but i still wear the same one everyday.
    :) does this happen to you ?

  6. My closet is about as tiny as they come. I once had a childhood friend who had a closet about the size of half my room.

  7. Joshua - your theory may be correct.

    Gia - Get them!

    Peg - You are most welcome.

    Shelly - Thank you! :)

    Jaya - Nope. But I do like to wear a pair frequently that I find most comfortable.

    Adam - That's usually the way with friends.

  8. Me too. A bigger closet would be grand.

  9. Too many options is my problem, my closet still has room but I tend to wear the same shoes while others collect dust. I suppose I should stop buying shoes..but I can't help it, it's an addiction!

  10. Pickle stabbers? We actually had a house in Illinois that was so big we didn't fill all the closet space. The master bedroom closet was big enough to be a bedroom. I hated that house. It was too much work to clean it, and Dr. X lived in it. I like my little house better, and it has plenty of closet space because the closets were updated and organized.



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