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10 January 2012

Je pense young; donc, je suis.

To be young always.
No wrinkles, no grays, no aches.
Energy abounds.


  1. That's pure gold! I love it! :)

  2. True, but with knowledge that we know now.

  3. Two simple ways to "stay young." Lie about your age, and don't look in the mirror. (Or if you wear glasses, take 'em off. That's a good way to make the house look clean, too!)

  4. So true I am going to be like my Mom she does not know she is old she is 84 going on 17 fun fun. You are only as old as your mind will let you see. I like that too. B

  5. NSSS - sounds like a winner of a motto!

    MR - Thanks! :)

    WA - wait until next Tuesday's haiku.

    SFS - Both sound like a plan!

    Buttons - Great advice.

  6. Lately i've been thinking of that a lot.
    Im also not liking this expanding waist line :(

  7. I will take that perscription where do I get it filled?

  8. ah, love it. and i would say youth is also a mind thing. it's how you feel. how you react. not your chonological age. to be that is youth. and there is color to cover the gray (LOL)

    thanks for stopping by my post.. i look forward to following you, also.

  9. This is priceless!
    Remember these words: Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind then it doesn't matter." Courtesy Mark Twain.


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