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31 July 2012

Are you there Midol? It is I, a ... female

Hey! Makers of Midol.  Listen to my incessant buzz.

Why must the oval-shaped ocean-blue pill be housed in a square piece of foil and paper that takes more than one millisecond to open?  Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix? 

Why must you create the tiniest of triangles to peel back not once, not twice, not even thrice, to get at what we search for?  Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix?

Why must we then be forced to dig a tiny corner of fingernail into a silver covering?  No fingernail at the ready?  Then what?  A sharp instrument?   Do you not understand that time is precious when ladies need their fix?

Take heed.  Bring back the bottle since with a simple cap twist and bottle shake, many a woman will be elated.


  1. Hum, haven't had the need of Midol in a long, long time but feel your pain in the other medicines that come this way. It's like some executive tried to come up with the most mind numbing wrapping in the world for no purpose what so ever.
    Must have been a man....

  2. i know what you mean by the foil. it can be quite a torture especially when you're digging out a tiny pill out of it.
    i have the same problem with some of my antibiotics.

  3. Aww! Maybe when you are not in dire straights you can take them all out and put them in a bottle. I too feel your pain. I have no doubt in my mind that a man thought this a good idea. Even child-proof caps are too much.
    Hang in there and have some chocolate to soothe your weary soul. xo

  4. Mamma - your last line echoes my thoughts.

    JJ - oh, the frustration.

    Birdie - chocolate, yes! but, alas, there is a wrapper :(

  5. I don't know what Midol is, but I use a painkilling product that is soluble which is nigh on impossible to get into. If you do manage to tear the foil strip you have to be careful not to slice your finger off with the razor sharp edge it leaves behind!

  6. this made me giggle!
    thank you and I'm sorry.

  7. RRS - yet another accident to deal with.

    Peg - so glad I got a giggle out of you.

  8. It can't be in the bottle because someone might put cyanide in your midol. That's been done so many times before.


  9. Thanks for signing up at my place. "Following" is so much harder than before. I'll try to make it work.
    Midol, Midol...Do they not understand that they will be held responsible if their impenetrable (ill-designed) packaging causes a pms'ing woman to use her sharp instrument for something other than getting at their little blue pill? I curse them every time.

  10. I love this! These were almost my exact thoughts Monday morning as I lay in fetal position on the floor! haha


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