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28 August 2012

Seeing Red

It is wonderful to see how research dollars are being spent and how much progress has been made for women.  The article Bears not attracted to menstruating women readily explains this.  I am particularly fond of the next to the last paragraph as those statistics are quite riveting. 

What is it that makes much of society believe women are sub-human when that 'time of the month' (euphemistically speaking, of course) arrives?  I'm conjecturing here that this much needed research and information was supported by tampon makers, so the story will bode quite well for their future advertising dollars.  They will now be able to show us that along with dancing, bike riding, and swimming, we can cavort in forests with bears. 

This has most certainly set us back a few. 


  1. Thank God bears are not attracted to me, along with men.


  2. My "favorite" research project was conducted years ago, at quite some expense, I might add, and it "discovered" that women really DO experience menstrual cramps. (DUH! All they had to do was ASK!)

  3. Thank the Lord there's no bears over here with which I can cavort!

  4. Once again, we Bears get a bad rap!

    Almost as bad as women get, regularly.

    Lighten up, will ya! Sheesh!

  5. Janie - what's a junebug to do?
    Susan - I'm guessing a man initiated the study.
    Rose - better watch out for 'roos though.
    Rob - I knew you'd see something special in this article.

  6. what a bizarre topic for a research.

  7. Birdie - most definitely!
    Jaya J - I wholeheartedly agree with you.


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