My Royal Court

17 April 2012

Today is the Day

An empty wallet.
Oh, where has your money gone?
To the I R S.


  1. knock on wood, I didn't have to pay this year. In fact I got money back! Too bad it was too easy to spend :o(

  2. Ours were done before today and I'm so glad.

  3. Woe is us.

    Your loyal servant,

    Janie Junebug

  4. Blah. We are in tax season here too only the Canada Revenue Agency is where our money goes.

  5. The boss giveth; the government taketh away.

    Twas ever thus!

    Condolences. And Bear hugs. (If those will help you feel better.)

  6. Mamma - isn't that the way it always is!

    Renegrades - a relief i'm sure to come in before the deadline.

    Janie - you got that right!

    Birdie - same racket, different country!

    Rob-Bear - Hugs are always awesome!

  7. my money has been going to some shoes and clothes this month. while i like all my new things, i dont like this new habit.


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