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01 April 2012

A Day for Fools

It is the day
For jokes we play.
Be careful what you believe.
How easily one can deceive.
Friends and foes will have hearty laughs
Each time you lapse into certain gaffes.
Your eyes will widen; your face will turn red
As you stand there believing everything that was said.
Your friends should use caution, though, with their kitsch.
As the saying goes, karma is a bitch.


  1. April 1st only means one thing in my family Dawson's bithday although his mother says that his birth was the bigest April fools joke every played on her........yes she is a bitch and not a great mother she does love him but she treats him like shit..........

  2. LOL Karma is a bitch! When I april fools people in june they aren't going to know what happend!! hahaha

  3. No April Fools nonsense at the Bear's end of the world. Thankfully.

  4. karma is a bitch. it is.
    this post got me into thinking about something, thanks!

  5. Joanne - Ouch, girl Hope things get better.

    JAX - I can't wait to hear what you come up with.

    Rob-Bear - Yes, I came through unscathed as well.

    Jaya J - Should we be afraid?!

  6. The fear of Karma is exactly why I don't play April fool's jokes. I know my limitations. I could dish it, but not take it, so I just leave it alone!


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