My Royal Court

20 July 2011

Modify This!

During my day-to-day travels all around the distinctive city affectionately known as Bmore, I'm always on the hunt for road literature.  I am able to assure you that I find a plethora.  The line I found  just yesterday was too good not to share, especially given the timing (my summer grammar class is learning the pitfalls of unreasonable modifiers). 

On a subtle, dull yellow placard prominently positioned in front of a much-frequented gas station was this: 
I will stop smoking with hypnosis. 

Wow.  Talk about your bad influence!

11 July 2011


Having spent too many hours yesterday in the intense yellow-orange sunshine, this has left my fair Irish (half) complexion a bit on the crimson side.  While marveling at the billowy white clouds and enjoying this most perfect day, whimsy ensued causing me to wish for a new blog background.  So, I changed it.  The other was beginning to seem rather drab to me, especially on these scenic summer days.  I'm still tinkering with it; however, so far I am keen on this change.  It befits me.
In case you’re curious (and you should be), the word whimsy dates to the 1600s.  As a noun, it means a fanciful  concept, especially in writing.  Not such a common word by today's standards, but you can find it in The Scarlet Letter.  Hmm.  I see a recurring theme with colors today!

08 July 2011


To those pinstripe fans, don't gloat just yet.  Try to show some compassion.  It is not quite mid-season.  Will the orange and black ever prevail?

Spring ushers in hope.
Another season flies by
Minus a pennant.

06 July 2011

Mindless Misuage of Language

Here is another collection of inane phrasology.  These involve idioms one should try to avoid when writing. 

I detest when someone jumps out at me in an effort to scare me.  Yes, most of the time it is a successful feat as I scare easily, and I never know whether to giggle, weep, or yell. I do have a hearty laugh about it, though.  The words spoken by individuals when this occurs:  You scared me half to death!  Well, if one is scared half to death, does that mean the second time this happens, you’re scared whole and you pass on?!

It would be pleasing to sleep during the nighttime without interruption; however, this never seems to happen.  What awakens me is a writing inspiration that I need to jot down.  If not, then I will, without doubt, forget.  The expression many use you ask when a person does slumber in perfect harmony?  I slept like a baby.  What?!  Why is this the go-to?  A baby wakes up every 2 hours. 

Have you ever been so distraught over something that you utter the words lost my head?  I highly doubt this happened.  If so, you’d rival Ichabod Crane. 

Why do I hear the phrase drew a blank when one is trying to answer a question but can’t?  Draw can be either a transitive or intransitive verb and has many meanings, the most common of which would more than likely have something to do with art.  That said, how does one depict blankness? 
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