My Royal Court

28 March 2011

Hello and welcome!

I’m delighted you’ve decided to check out my blog and join me in the art of casual conversation about writing and coffee.  While I have many favorite things in life, I am partial to those two topics. 
I have a lot to say on matters of writing and all that it entails, so this is the perfect venue.   All I ask is that you get comfortable, grab a mug of your favorite coffee brand (or tea if that is your vice), and enjoy the trip.  You may learn a thing or two. 


  1. I am actually pretty stoked about this blog. You're extremely entertaining and it will be fun to keep up with all of your quirky humor.

  2. I am excited to read your writing.

  3. Hey Mrs. Chester I'm excited to read your upcoming posts! Check my blog out as well if you have time. I will try to make a visit to your office with MegHAN sometime soon!

  4. I fell in love with blogging not too long ago. I have another wonderful blog I follow. It is all about housekeeping and cooking from scratch. I love the creativity of your blog and I am looking forward to following this one with my steaming mug of coffee by my side.
    Sonja Bolotin


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