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22 April 2011

I'll Show You Mine...

Over my semesters teaching at TU, I have asked many of you to create a bucket list.  One problem that this generates is that most of you are young (Yes, I’m still young, too – holding at 29 always!) and you have difficulty identifying with things to do before your demise.  So I say look at a bucket list in terms of what you’ll achieve in life. 
Here’s mine and these are not in any particular order. This list is short but I’m leaving some room to add to it over the years.    

Learn how to play the drums.  As a child, I played the flute.  What fun is this?!  I wanted to rock out and still have that chance.  Maybe I’ll form a band with other moms.  Yeah!
Own an Audi R8.  I must own this sweet ride one day.  How I don’t know since it’s well beyond my means.  I would have to win the lottery, but that won’t be possible because I seldom play.  I could sell a kidney as one of students suggested.   That’s plausible. 
Travel to Ireland.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time; however, I don’t know if it’s possible since I hate to fly.  I’m over my fear of it now, but I still abhor this mode of travel.
Take up ballroom dancing.  Yes, I find this very exciting.  Sorry. 
Put a smile on someone’s face every day.  I’m happy when others are. 
Never judge anyone and see the good in all people.  This one I’ve already achieved and continue to do on a daily basis.   
Sell one of my screenplays and procure a bit part in the movie.  It would, of course, have to be a part that is totally out of character for me.
Live long enough to see my grandchildren.   I’m on earth for the long haul.  I want to reach 100 years!
Learn to play golf.   I already play putt-putt golf.  Does that count for something?
Make a difference to my students.  I realize I’m a bit of a hard-nose when it comes to grading, but this is because I want to see all of you achieve what I know you can.  You may not like to write, but after you leave my class, my hope is that you’ll have a better appreciation for this craft I know so well and love so much. 


  1. I think this is a very achievable bucket list. And I hope you make these dreams come true for yourself.
    As a always 25 year old ( sorry you have a few years on me) I have often fantasized about my own bucket list, and one of these days I will hunker down and create my own, but for now the only buckets I will fill is sand buckets with my 5 year old at 'oceanic city" as he calls it.

  2. Hi I found your blog because you have started to follow mine, so hopefully that means you've read it. And on the off chance that you have you'll know that its all about me completing my bucket list. I'd post it here but its some 80 pages. And I'm not that mean :)


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