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21 December 2011

9125 days

I couldn't resist posting this error, which I found on an Internet news site.  Technology truly is exciting when women can carry and give birth to inanimate objects for this long!
A 76-year-old British woman recently had a pen removed from her stomach, and doctors were shocked to discover that after 25 years of gestation the pen still works.


  1. Your Majesty,

    I've never had anything so exciting happen to me. What an honor it would be to give birth to a pen, or gather eggs from a hen, or end the Ku Klux Klen. My dreams are never underfed.

    Your faithful servant who remains grateful for the limerick,


  2. Oh my! I wonder what kind of pen it was.

  3. I wonder if it was a gel pen, or one of the old fashioned caligraphy style.

    These are the questions that plague me.

  4. LOLA - if only... You are welcome. Please share.

    SR - apparently, it was a felt tip marker.

    J - questions to contemplate, but see above.

    M - Yes, she 'birthed' a 3-ounce marvel and named it Ima Marker.

  5. Ooof I read about that! No one believed her! Crazy.

    And gross.

  6. I've heard of this happening before! Of course, I've only heard of it happening on Grey's Anatomy but who would've thought it was true!?

  7. How in the world did it get in there?! Did she have a wild night with a Sharpie way back when? Is this pen their love child?

  8. lol..
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family....xoxox

  9. Gia - yes, it does appear far-fetched.

    K - true, and this sounds like an episode from The X Files.

    CP - could be a possibility.

    WA - Thanks. Back atcha!

  10. Shocking story!! BTW, Merry Christmas QB!! ^_^


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