My Royal Court

30 December 2011

Cease and Desist

With less than 48 hours until 2012 arrives, here is a request.  Not having to hear these hackneyed expressions will produce much jubilation for this Queen. 

Just sayin’ – really?
LOL – Instead of texting or saying it, do it as boisterously and as frequently as possible.
Epic fail – A failure is a failure no matter how large, and in the truer sense, epic should not modify fail.  Check the meaning.
Viral – please! 
It is what it is – is not that apparent?
Sleep in – in what?  A tent?  Simply saying one is sleeping late will suffice and is correct.
Dead Presidents – a misnomer actually since not all gentleman featured on U.S. currency were presidents!
When it rains, it pours – not always.  (My students should recognize this one and be able to explain it!)


  1. Oh, Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness, The Greatest Queen of this century and the last,

    How happy you have made your loyal subject. I detest these hackneyed expressions, although I admit that occasionally I use "just sayin'" as a joke. The expression I hate the most is "sleep in." It makes no damn sense (please pardon my use of an expletive in your royal presence). My ex-husband and I fought about this one for years. Yes, I sleep in every night and sometimes into the morning. I SLEEP IN A BED! Thank you, thank you, Your Majesty, for pointing out these major stupiditities. Your Majesty, if you have the time, I would be so honored if you would read the poem I posted today. It is called "Boy."

    Infinities of love from your faithful servant,


  2. I should Lol more frequently :)
    Happy new year

  3. I'm totally guilty of the "it is what it is" one. Womp womp. I'll go stand in the corner now. [Happy New Year!]

  4. I only ever sleep in a bed and rarely do I sleep late I am more often then not up pretty early.....

  5. I agree with all your choices. Matter of fact, let's say this old lady is LMAOOTFAICGU (Laughing my ass off on the floor and I can't get up) Just yanking your chain.

    Happy New Year!

  6. SR - :)

    Lola - will do

    JJ - Yes, please do!

    Gia - when you are up for re-election, should we vote yay?

    JRJ - So much for that, then!

    WA - Back atcha.

    SFS - So funny!

  7. this is so funny I love how you make fun of LOL people really do use that phrase way too much and it's unnecessary.


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