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03 December 2011


My mind is a bit loopy of late since I'm buried waist-deep in student essays.  However, that hasn't stopped me from this confusion.  

Why are bologna, salami, and provolone cheese round but bread is square?   The final product is rather odd and not at all visually appealing.

Why is it called trimming the tree?  The object should be to decorate not cut.

Why is something called a drive-through when one has to stop at the window?   Brakes need not be applied.


  1. These are legitimate concerns. Especially the sandwich one. Not sure why they can't just make it square! It's mostly all processed anyway.

  2. Oh yes I get that about the cold meats being round and bread being square I also don't like that cheese squares are smaller then a slice of bread I like my cheese to cover the whole slice but alas not the case most of the time.......

    I also have never got the saving trimming the tree when what we are doing is decorating it.....

    Thanks for chooseing to follow me....

  3. Your Majesty, Why do hot dogs come in packages of eight and hot dog buns come in packages of ten? Or is it the other way around? I can't remember. If you're bothered by the round and square thing, you can ask one of your kitchen wenches to cut your sandwiches into shapes with a cookie cutter and discard the crusts. A queen should not eat bread crusts anyway. Crusts are for commoners.

    Your loyal servant,

  4. Oh, and Your Majesty, I forgot to say that I'll grade essays for you anytime. When I was a grader for English 101 students, I made the poor little freshmen cry. I am wicked.


  5. 20s - I wish I could answer that.

    JAR - I despise that, too. You have use a half slice of cheese to even it out.

    LOLA - hot dogs no longer an issue as there is a local company in B-more that matches the 8 for 8. You are right. Perhaps I could put my minions to work for me.

    LOLA - Hmm. I didn't get where I am by always being nice!

  6. As ever you make some very good points, I have always been bothered by the hot dog thing too.

  7. DCG - Thanks for your compliment!

  8. I have this thing that will cut my sandwhich into the shape of two dinosaurs. It is awesome.


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