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13 November 2011

Express Yourself

Ah, ambiguity.  It is indisputably one of the most frequent language gaffes I stumble upon on a daily basis.  Oftentimes, one’s mouth works faster than one’s brain, and what spews from within can be considered sheer  foolishness.   Here a few recent finds (overheard and read) I thought I’d share.

She was unable to tolerate liquids or solids by mouth.  Hmm, so was she tolerating them in some other way?  Is that even possible? 
People are gettin’ all kinds of reactions to birth control pills.  Okay.  First, I didn’t know animals took birth control, so is it necessary to reference people?  Second, are men taking BCPs now?

These next two are headlines from the local newspaper, the first of which one of my esteemed colleagues found.   Once we read it, hilarity ensued. 
    Mayor grilling agency heads  (Will she enjoy the taste?)
    Governor to give talk on the bay (Will he be on a boat, jet skis?)

As always, more to come...


  1. I delight in idiot editors. I worked with so many. And just so you know, the reporter does not write the headline. The editors do it.


  2. Or will the govener be sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away?


    Thanks for following, now I'm returning the favor. I think I'll like it here, there seems to be a spot on the couch next to Lola, and fresh tea for me.... so nice.

  3. I have an answer for the tolerating solids and liquids by means other than your mouth, but seeing this is the first time visiting your blog I will behave myself.

  4. LOLA - The fact makes it even more troublesome.

    J - Thank you. Tea would be fine, but I will have coffee!

    LD - Oh my word!


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