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04 November 2011

The Tranquility of Dawn

Daylight-saving time has arrived yet again.   Aside from the obvious extra 60 minutes (and much needed) of sleep I will get this coming Sunday, the darkened mornings when I venture out offer a grand view of the skyline as the sun begins to wake for the day.  I have been awarded the genuine radiance of this display on the past two mornings, and I wasted not a minute grumbling about the traffic since the crawl afforded me the ability to marvel at its simplicity.  The cerulean sky was juxtaposed against the soft light-orange clouds.  Some were wispy strips that stretched well beyond lengths I could see, while others were wider, shaped like the overlapping ridges on a washboard.  The cloud swirls covered so much of the sky that there was only the faintest hint of blue beyond them. 
I question whether my fellow travelers saw what I did.  I am pessimistic enough to say I doubt it since the backdrop to this wonder was horns honking steadily, tires screeching loudly, and hand gestures flying.  So much for serenity.


  1. That's lovely Queen Bee. Those commuters are missing out.


  2. Hi. Thanks for finding my blog. I glanced at one or two posts here and enjoyed what you wrote. So consider me a new follower as well. Look forward to getting to know more about you! BB

  3. I'm not a fan of time changes. It seems to mess everything up for the first couple of days.

  4. LOLA - Thanks for the compliment.

    BB - I am elated you like what you see! Back atcha.

    WW - I agree 100%. I still haven't caught up yet.

  5. Very nicely written. Thanks for following me, and I look forward to finding out how you became The Queen Bee. Julie


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