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09 November 2011

This Just In....

It's that time of the week -- the sale circular for one of our local supermarkets was tucked in our daily newspaper.  The store, which shall remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent (at least when it comes to context), had this to say in regard to the Thanksgiving holiday coming up in a mere two weeks.

For your convenience, we will be open on Thanksgiving day from 6am until 6pm.  This will allow our associates to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.



  1. I think that's terrible. Some years ago a number of grocery stores started staying open in the morning. Then they stayed open till 3 p.m. And now the entire day. And how about the discount stores that are open for Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving so they can get a jump on Black Friday? Shame on them.


  2. How will that work exactly? Will the employee's families be shopping all day at the store? Ridiculous!

  3. Most families eat a giant meal like that at 7pm so they should be fine. Thank you for being my 69th follower. I'm very mature and I keep giggling.

  4. LOLA - this store has done this for about 10 years.

    Penny - this is why I always say proofread, proofread, proofread!

    Michelle - a case of the giggles is a good thing!

  5. When do they get to spend time with their families? That's crazy! Just saw you followed me! Thank you. I see Ms Lola has beat me over here. She's a champ. Will follow back.

  6. That's awful!! My family starts our dinner at 2pm and ends it around 6. (I'm Italian. lol)

  7. The thing that I don't understand is why, given that even the shops that close for some time over holiday periods aren't shut for that long, do people still feel the need to shop like they are readying for a nuclear holocaust the day before.

  8. Craziness - LOLA is quick.

    Fun - Sounds like a great day to me.

    DCG - I wish I could answer that one!

  9. hmmm. how would that work out exactly ?

  10. I always feel bad for the people who have to work on holidays. I feel even worse when I'm a shopper going in for things on the holidays, like it's my fault and I should apologize to all the workers I see as I shop.

    Following you back!
    Regina, The Crazy Nuts Mom

  11. Crazy but it always seems like I forget something last minute on a holiday and am pretty thankful when they are open! I tend to apologize to the people working also because I feel guilty for going in! I hope they get a bonus for working on a holiday!



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