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17 November 2011

Hey, it's okay...

Here’s to a companion blogger who airs her dirty laundry one sock at a time (AKA the whispering writer on blogspot) and the feature she found in Glamour magazine.

Hey, it’s okay if sometimes you want to watch a low-budget Lifetime movie.  Not having to think too intently about a plot so thin that it’s pliable is actually good therapy for the brain. 
Hey, it’s okay if you abhor advertising that takes personification to the maximum:  Talking food products geared toward adults.  Really?
Hey, it’s okay if you were an avid fan of Sex and the City on HBO but hated the movies and wished that Carrie didn’t marry Big but stayed with Aidan Shaw.  They were, after all, so much better together.
Hey, it’s okay if you look at yourself in the mirror, find three new gray hairs and a new wrinkle that you know were not there the day before and then proceed to smile and tell yourself that you are naturally beautiful.


  1. i loved the movies more than the series, and Aidan is hotness.
    i even love his name.

  2. I love Glamour!!! This is great :) And I know I'm only 23, but I discovered a few grays lurking underneath the top layer of my hair. Sigh...

    I'm following!

  3. Natural beauty is where it's at, especially for a SAHM like myself..hehe. I thought you needed some more Canadian followers so here I am! That and "I like you, I really like you!"

  4. Your Majesty,

    Of course Carrie should have stayed with Aiden. I would stay with Aiden. Who wouldn't choose Aiden? Make yourself known if you would not choose young, good looking Aiden over Big, who is about 200 years old and kept Carrie waiting forever.

    Oh, Your Majesty, I'm grateful to have that out of my system. It's like taking an excellent dump.


  5. JJ - Thanks for agreeing!

    LMF - The grays will continue to multiply. Thanks for following!

    MI - Welcome from Canada. Thanks much for following!

    LOLA - So glad I was able to help with your 'issue.'

  6. i just say a new lifetime movie with Jared Patalecki from Supernatural/Gilmore Girls/Jason. #drool!! & i only got into sex and the city seeing the re-runs, but the guy who played Aidan aka the guy from Big Fat Greek Wedding, another drool alert!! I guess it just takes a good looking guy to get a girl into a movie or a show... hahaha

  7. The last one is great, I totally agree with the natural beauty thing. And I loved watching Sex and the City. Big had a tendency to be annoying. I guess I liked him better than that Russian guy though. Or the post it guy. What an idiot!

  8. I love Ambers blog, and I have heard of other people starting to do this but I have never seen it happen before until now.


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